A Short History Of The Bracelet


In Greek, “bracelet” is translated as ‘brachile’ and means “of the arm”. The oldest bracelet found dates back to 9000BC, and since then the bracelet has varied in importance, from casual accessory to statement-making necessity.

Renown for her beauty and revered as a style icon even today, queen bee Cleopatra was hardly ever seen without a stack of bracelets (ah, we love her fashion forward stacking!). Fast track into the Roaring Twenties and bracelets are still readily apparent, with the lavish personalities from The Great Gatsby dripping in lust-worthy extravagance.

Enter the 21st century and we see the strong presence of the wrist-wrapper, in all shapes and sizes. From the bold and statement-making to the dainty and delicate, bracelet fashions span the full range of personalities large and small.

We simply love the solid cuff. With its strong lines and curves, reminiscent of architectural wonders of today like the Heydar Alivey Center by Zaha Hadid in Azerbaijan, our cuffs go from meaning business in the office, to serious play for evening rendezvous.


Heydar Aliyev Center by Zaha Hadid Architects. Baku, Azerbaijan