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I’m excited to share about Tory Burch, one of my favorite fashion entrepreneurs. 49 years young and looking fabulous, and also the 73rd most powerful woman in the world according to Forbes, Tory built her business from scratch while being a hands-on mother. Multi-tasking building a business, bringing up children, and attempting to look good while doing so is a daily challenge that I’m all too familiar with – except she has six children!
After a career in public relations and advertising for fashion labels like Vera Wang and Loewe, she launched her fashion line at the age of 37 in a small shop in New York in 2004. Most of her inventory sold out on the first day, and a year later, after Oprah Winfrey introduced Tory Burch as the “next big thing” on her talkshow, her rise can only be described as meteoric.
I love her preppy-boho chic style, a style that while paradoxical, allows her designs to be worn both in the board room and to my daughter’s taekwondo competitions, an essential versatility for a working mum like me. Apart from that functional element, I love it that in either environment, something about the design stands out as unique and distinguishing.
We share similar principles in our design process, gaining inspiration from details we see in unexpected places, and turning it into a piece of wearable design. For Tory, one such inspiration was her Fall 2014 “armor” collection, where her parents’ love of armor inspired a full range of structured silhouettes, chain belts, and lace up heels. For me, architecture plays a big part in my designs, from the glitzy skyscrapers in Raffles Place to the colonial edifices near the mouth of the Singapore River. You can see them reflected in the long, modern lines of my favorite large metal cuffs [update link], or in hexagonal details of one of my earlier cuff designs [update link].
In 2009, just four years after her watershed Oprah break, Tory set up a foundation focused on supporting women entrepreneurs through business loans, mentorship, and business education. Thoughtful as she is successful, gorgeous as she is nurturing, Tory is a valuable inspiration for me as I attempt to create designs that resonate with women like myself.

Tory Burch in Fast Company
Source: Fast Company

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