A Sustainable Life Through Thoughtful Choices

ALT is fiercely committed to:
:: reducing waste output by transforming unused material into statement jewelry
:: supporting sustainable, dignified employment and positive social change
:: collaborating with fair trade organizations in Southeast Asia

Made with pride in fair trade workshops in Cambodia, by artisans seeking a fair and dignified livelihood. We are honored to work with artisans who bravely shoulder the burden of history and carry their families towards greater wealth. The base metal of each piece is upcycled from spent bombshell casing, remnants of the Vietnam War which pulled Cambodia into its vortex. It is our intention that our jewelry serves as declarations of peace and personal strength, for both maker and wearer.


The ALT ethos is the unapologetic expression of strength and individuality, through accessories that are handcrafted by women who are financially and socially empowered through fair trade employment.

Because we believe in quality over quantity, we spend an incredible amount of time on soldering, carving and shaping each piece by hand.